Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT)

Technopref as the leading member of Bay State Precast LLC, is glad to announce that it was awarded the contract for the manufacturing of the precast concrete tunnel liners for DC Water's Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) in Washington DC. The work will consist in the fabrication of nearly 4,500 segmental precast concrete tunnel rings with an inside diameter of 23ft (7m) which will be installed in the tunnel by a TBM. This project is the fourth that will be produced out of the Brandywine MD facility after the Blue Plains Tunnel, the Anacostia River Tunnel and the Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer Tunnel.

The Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT), with a total length of 5 miles (8 km), is the largest and final segment of the massive tunnel system that will bring relief to the Anacostia River from combined sewer overflows (CSOs). This work is part of the larger Clean Rivers Project, a $2.6 billion program to improve the water quality of the Anacostia and Potomac rivers and Rock Creek by increasing the capacity of the sewer system.